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Web development

  1. Installing Python on Windows via Miniconda or VSCodde
  2. How to tell if the (now-happened) Salesforce Guest-User-Pocalypse was going to impact you
    Ferris Bueller saying "You're still here?" GIF
  3. Installing VSCode to edit Salesforce metadata
  4. Two different approaches to fetching silly GIFs from an API and displaying them in a Screen Flow: via Apex-Defined Data Types & Invocable Apex & via External Services.
    • You can get a TL;DR of External Services and see it do something actually useful by watching the 5-minute lightning talk APIs are for admins from Cactusforce 2021.
    • You can listen to the “why” and a bit of the “how” in my appearance on an official Salesforce podcast, Data Development and Integrations.
  5. Rate-limiting API requests in Python with a decorator
  6. Filter a large CSV file with Python
  7. Choosing a headless CMS without losing your head