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Using OBS as a virtual webcam for Zoom conference calls

06 Mar 2021 🔖 videography
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Going really deep into the world of “virtual webcams” …

In its latest versions, OBS has an option to set its output as a “webcam.”

Yes – even while it’s processing input from another virtual webcam like Droidcam, Camera for OBS Studio, or Camo!

So, get this:

  1. You could pipe your iPad’s camera into OBS on your computer via Droidcam to improve your video quality.
  2. Then you could use OBS to add some gimmicks like title overlays or picture-in-picture (PiP) effects, or multi-input audio mixing.
  3. You can send this fully produced video stream out of OBS as a “virtual camera.”
  4. Finally, you could fire up a Zoom call and use this fancy stream as your “microphone” & “webcam.”

Please wish someone a happy birthday with a balloon border and a karaoke backing track for me during your next Zoom call! 🎈🎤

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