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What's a docking station?

06 Mar 2021 🔖 videography
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A docking station is a piece of hardware meant to be permanently-ish installed at 1 location, to facilitate plugging a laptop into accessories that are also permanently-ish installed at that location.

Keyboard, mouse, wall power, monitor, speakers, microphone, etc.

A docking station can help tidy up the wires at a desk when you frequently sit down there with a laptop.

Sadly, a docking station does not allow 2 different computers to share the same set of accessories. That’s a switch box.

In the context of digitizing audio-visual production: a docking station might help you organize cables in a studio or at a desk if you won’t be moving them around a lot. For example, perhaps it helps you plug your laptop into a larger monitor & keyboard for long audio-visual postproduction situations.

However, if the whole reason you have a laptop is to record on the go, it’s not really meant to be part of your mobile equipment bag. If you find yourself constantly using the same 5 peripherals on location, you’re probably better served by a USB hub, some velcro ties, and a small bag to keep them organized.

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