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Wanted: mirrorless camera & lens for livestreaming

24 Nov 2020 🔖 videography
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I’m in the market for a camera/lens to upgrade picture quality while livestreaming / YouTubing. Any chance you have camera gear to sell me?

I’d like a lightweight setup that can produce a nice sharp image w/ as much pleasing bokeh in the background as the small recording space will allow.


  • Lens:
    • Subject needs to be visible from head to thighs, without semi-outstretched arms – this won’t be a “bust” crop.
    • Camera will only be 1-3ft ahead of the subject.
    • Sadly, background will only be about 1-2.5ft behind the subject.
    • Camera may occasionally also be used for livestreaming “on location,” so a more general-purpose kit lens isn’t unwelcome as an “extra,” but primary streaming environment will be as described above.
    • While high-end autofocus isn’t unwelcome, it’s also not at all required, because entire livestreams can be done at a single manual focus setting.
  • Weight:
    • Camera won’t be mounted on a particularly robust mount (Smallrig quality, not Manfrotto quality), so reasonably lightweight is good.
  • Camera:
    • Camera needs to send “clean output” to Windows so it can serve as a webcam.
  • Camera:
    • Preferable if it’s a model that the manufacturer has released direct-over-USB-as-webcam software for, but if the price is right, I can put the savings toward a capture card.
    • Camera needs to be able to stream to Windows for hours without having overheating issues. (Does not need to be able to record to SD card for hours.)
  • Monitor:
    • Optional: It might be nice to be able to preview the output very close to the camera. Either an A6100 / A6400-style flip-view or an external monitor. Not strictly required, though.


I’m open to any brand as long as I don’t have to piece things together – I’d like to buy a camera & lenses together.

One exception: if you catch me quickly enough, there is a good deal on Craigslist right now for some Sony “E” lenses near me, so if I can get, say, an A6400, maybe I can do the Craigslist lenses & your camera.


This is nuts, but my dream would be to come up with some sort of setup that would meet the requirements and come in under $400.

(I thought about just buying a fancy webcam or GoPro Hero, but then I can’t adjust the focus & get that shallow depth of field look.)

If it’s, like, the package of a lifetime with every lens, adapter, etc. one could ever want and I could never dream of affording it retail but it will blow me away and I’ll never need anything else, maybe I could go up to the high 3-figures.

I’ve been shopping around, and I know I’m asking for “special favor” prices, not “market” prices, but maybe it’s my lucky day, you bought yourself a new toy for Black Friday / Cyber Monday, and you’re on a decluttering kick!


Buying expensive stuff over the internet can be sketchy, so I’d prefer we know each other in real life or on social media, or know people who know each other, etc.

Or have some way of verifying that you are who you say you are and that it’s actually your legit gear (e.g. if I can see a history of your YouTube descriptions listing the gear you claim to have) and you’re a reliable person.

I’m not looking to help a total internet stranger pawn off their problem-child broken electronics or fence stolen goods, y’know?

Contact me at @KatieKodes on Twitter if I’m in luck – thanks a million!

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