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I'm a DevOp!

02 Feb 2023
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Big news: I’ve left behind working with Salesforce and Oracle and have become a DevOp!


It’s a really unique opportunity. As you can see from the complexity of examples on my blog, at the moment I’m no expert on CI/CD, microservices, service-oriented architectures, event-driven architectures, serverless architectures, security, identity, etc.

Luckily, I don’t have to be one.

There are already dozens of experts on staff, and my position will begin as a sort of “internal developer relations” role.

I’ll learn from the experts, invent proof-of-concept demo projects, write tutorials, and spark excitement about spreading standards and best practices throughout the organization.


Special thanks to Matty Stratton, Samantha Grumdahl, and Matt Broberg, Minnebar, and Devops Minneapolis for personalized advice and context.

Thanks also to, The Rabbit Hole and the Party Corgi Network for making me just enough of a web developer (with a side of devrel / community builder tips) to hang on for dear life as opportunities arose in my world of databases.

Most importantly, I owe my professional and a great deal of my personal life to my amazing colleagues. You all made me who I am, in the best ways. Behind every last one of my career successes is a weakness you gently shepherded me through growing into a strength. You’re my friends and more. If I wrote myself little “What would ___ do?” post-its about every role model among you, I could wallpaper my office. I could never thank you enough to let you know how much I see you and appreciate you and love you. I’ll do my best to pay it forward.

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