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Provisioning an Azure Resource Group

14 Mar 2023 🔖 beginner azure
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Before we rent a web server from Microsoft Azure’s cloud, we’ll need set up a home for our web server in Azure called a “Resource Group.”


  1. Have an account in Azure.
  2. Log your computer’s command line into that Azure account.

Create a resource group

Pick a unique name that you’d like to give your Azure resource group.

For this exercise, I called mine “my-hello-web-rg.”

With Azure PowerShell

If (Get-AzResourceGroup -Name "my-hello-web-rg") {} Else { New-AzResourceGroup -Name "my-hello-web-rg" -Location "centralus"; }

With the Azure CLI

In a Windows PowerShell command prompt

If ((az group exists --name "my-hello-web-rg") -eq 'true') {} Else { az group create --name "my-hello-web-rg" --location "centralus"; }

In a Linux-style command prompt

if [ "true" == $(az group exists --name "my-hello-web-rg") ]; then :; else az group create --name "my-hello-web-rg" --location "centralus"; fi;

Find the name of an existing resource group (A Cloud Guru)

If you’re using an A Cloud Guru (“ACG”) account, you probably aren’t allowed to create resource groups in Azure.

Instead, run one of the following two commands to figure out the name of the one and only resource group that A Cloud Guru pre-provisioned for you:

With Azure PowerShell

Get-AzResourceGroup | Select-Object -Property "ResourceGroupName"

With the Azure CLI

az group list --query "[0].name"

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