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Feb. 9: FRENCH-language demo of Python for Saleforce admins!

24 Jan 2019 🔖 python pandas csv excel spreadsheet tutorials salesforce salesforce saturday
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In this Salesforce Saturday “hands-on demo,” I’ll show you simple, powerful Python code for modifying spreadsheets like you would export from / import into Salesforce.

I love Python when Excel just isn’t quite enough (too slow due to filesize, repetitive tasks, VLOOKUP, etc.)

NO coding knowledge necessary (but being pretty handy with formula fields and Excel formulas will help ensure that you’re at a proper level to follow it).

Please tell your French-speaking friends that this will be happening and send them to RSVP at EventBrite!


  • 21h (9PM) CET (Paris / Kinshasa)
  • 15h (3PM) EST (Montréal / New York)

This is my first big effort on a journey to be able to use my 2nd language of 20 years for business, not just socially, so I can’t wait to share with as many people as I can – thanks for the help spreading the word!

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