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My goal is to help you work faster.

I must speak and teach until I hear 10 people say, "That thing you taught me? I used it! And it saved me time!"

(Ahem ... although maybe blogging slower than I'd hoped. Ugh, coders' repetitive stress injury.)

So check out the tutorials. Play with code. Tell me about your triumphs.

Jitterbit Hosted API Tutorial: 302 Redirect with Cloud Studio

02 Apr 2020 🔖 jitterbit api integration tutorial 💬 EN

First, let’s build a Jitterbit API endpoint that performs a “302” HTTP redirect to using “Cloud Studio” to flesh out the back-end behavior.

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Jitterbit Hosted APIs: Hello World tutorials

02 Apr 2020 🔖 jitterbit api integration tutorial 💬 EN

Jitterbit’s ETL (“Extract, Transform, Load”) platform allows you to “borrow” their web servers and use them to put URLs on the internet as small “API” endpoints where the back end of those “endpoints” is some sort of data-processing Jitterbit operation you’ve built.

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What is #FlattenTheCurve? Why is everything cancelled?

13 Mar 2020 🔖 health 💬 EN

If you work in technology, you can relate to the feeling of being invisible specifically because you go above and beyond the call of duty, right?

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Netlify CMS Jekyll Minimum Viable Build

21 Feb 2020 🔖 architecture tips git web hosting 💬 EN

I’m trying to figure out if a friend currently on Wordpress could ever enjoy using a static page builder accompanied by a CMS, or if they just really need the comfort of knowing they can use Wordpress Visual Composer / Squarespace / Wix to move things around their web pages at will. Netlify’s free tier (thank you!!) is going to be really helpful in letting me set up a prototype for them to test drive.

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Door Prize: Excel VBA code for turning your ex-PMI into principal payments

13 Feb 2020 🔖 excel 💬 EN

Excited to see, with Excel, when your mortgage would be free of PMI? Let’s add a little more code showing how much you’d save if you kept paying your old “PMI bill” as “extra principal” payments every month for the rest of your loan.

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