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I must speak and teach until I hear 10 people say, "That thing you taught me? I used it! And it saved me time!"

(Ahem ... although maybe blogging slower than I'd hoped. Ugh, coders' repetitive stress injury.)

So check out the tutorials. Play with code. Tell me about your triumphs.

Low-Code Generation Z

02 May 2024 💬 EN

I’ve seen a lot of handwringing about Generation Z not grokking hierarchichal file folders and directories.

At the other end of the spectrum, software engineering professor Dimitris Kolovos wrote:

“a growing proportion of the workforce are digital native and, while they may lack a background in programming, they are well-versed computer and web users and skilled with non-trivial software (e.g. office/mobile applications). Low-code software engineering aspires to leverage this increasingly computer-savvy workforce”

So which is it as the old PC-raised software application implementers retire and youth replace them? A bunch of technologically helpless fresh faces or “well-versed and skilled computer users?”

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Entra RBAC Role Assignment FAQ

04 Feb 2024 🔖 security tutorial 💬 EN

Below are a few frequently asked questions about Entra RBAC Role Assignments.

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Azure RBAC Role Assignment FAQ

03 Feb 2024 🔖 security tutorial 💬 EN

Below are a few frequently asked questions about Azure RBAC Role Assignments.

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Entra App Registration FAQ

02 Feb 2024 🔖 security tutorial 💬 EN

Below are a few frequently asked questions about Entra App Registrations (“app reg”).

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Entra/Azure System-Assigned Managed Identity FAQ

01 Feb 2024 🔖 security tutorial 💬 EN

Below are a few frequently asked questions about Microsoft Entra / Azure System-Assigned Managed Identities.

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Code Review: My first Powershell function

13 Dec 2023 🔖 powershell tips 💬 EN

I’m lucky to have enthusiastic, experienced PowerShell programmers at work. When I showed off my first attempt at writing a “hello world” function, they gave me an hour of their time to review and correct it.

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Trunk-based Git branching

13 Dec 2023 🔖 git 💬 EN

A “trunk-based” strategy for creating and deleting “branches” of a Git repository can drastically reduce conflicts when teams collaborate on editing a shared file.

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What is Azure DevOps?

12 Dec 2023 🔖 devops git azure 💬 EN

Azure DevOps is a suite of software products. Let’s take a look at them.

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How many Entra App Registrations do I need?

25 Oct 2023 🔖 security devops integration git azure 💬 EN

Creating an App Registration (and its corresponding Service Principal) in Microsoft Entra ID (formerly known as “Azure Active Directory,” “Azure AD,” or “AAD”) lets a code-deployment-automation “CI/CD pipeline” (such as an Azure DevOps Pipeline or a GitHub Action) access the Azure cloud resources onto which you’d like to deploy your code.

But just how many of them do you need per project / application / workload?

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Variables and secrets for CI/CD pipelines

03 Aug 2023 🔖 devops integration git azure 💬 EN

Azure DevOps Pipelines and GitHub Actions both let you store variables and secrets in their services, for use with your CI/CD automations, but they’ve arranged them in pretty different parts of their settings options.

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