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Save button missing in Pardot Marketing Data Sharing Rules

18 Aug 2022 🔖 pardot salesforce tips
💬 EN

So you paused syncing and tried to edit the “explicit criteria” in a Pardot Marketing Data Sharing Rule by changing the value of the Field picklist and your Save button is grayed out?

(Maybe you changed from one checkbox to another and don’t need to change TRUE.)

  1. Click through to the end of whatever is in your Value field for the Marketing Data Sharing Rule.
  2. Type any letter on your keyboard, like “x”.
  3. Type Backspace.
  4. Ta daaaa, the Save button is blue and clickable again instead of grayed-out.

You should now see the warning you’re accustomed to when saving a rule-change:

Save criteria?

Changing Marketing Data Sharing criteria triggers all matching Salesforce records to sync with Pardot. Pardot records that don’t match the criteria are archived.

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