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Using a Behringer UCA202 with Windows, Android, or iOS

06 Mar 2021 🔖 videography
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A Behringer UCA202 USB audio interface is special because Windows, Android, and iOS (iPad, iPhone) all see it as a single simple combination device: 1 stereo microphone + 1 stereo speaker. It works like a dream for playback w/o unplugging.

  1. The “microphone” shows up in your computer with a bland name something along the lines of USB Audio Interface.
  2. The system-sound sent by your phone, tablet, or computer to this “speaker” is audible both through the UCA202’s RCA output ports and through its headphone port, which is a lifesaver when you record a video to a phone or tablet and want to listen to what you just did without unplugging the audio interface.
  3. Also, when the UCA202’s “monitor” switch is toggled on, anything plugged into its RCA input ports is also audible through its headphone port.

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