Salesforce, Python, SQL, & other ways to put your data where you need it

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Visit PayHip to buy my printer-friendly book Intro to XML, JSON, and YAML

(Unless I sent you to my blog as one of my job duties to educate you. Then please email me through work for a free copy to avoid conflict-of-interest issues.)



I’m happy at my day job, but please feel free to reach out (Twitter, LinkedIn) if you could use my help on a freelance basis.

$200 /hr

Projects might include:

  • Writing or screencasting a tutorial about your product
  • Creating guest content for your blog or video channel
  • Debugging or enhancing legacy code and data integrations involving SQL, Salesforce Apex/SOQL, or ETL tools (ETL = “Extract, Transform, Load”).

Secondary coding skills:

  • I’m not not a Java, Python or JavaScript expert, but I can read and write enough of all three of these languages to help you untangle data flow through them in a larger integration.
  • I’m also not a NoSQL specialist, but I’ve written enough small side projects to engage in a productive conversation with your experts.

Why work with me?

Teaching and documentation

I break concepts down for people without talking down to people.

Some feedback I’ve received about my style:

“Thank you so much for making JSON and XML clear and removing the enigma and fear and ego from these topics.”

“It’s really welcoming when you break down acronyms.”

“These are the best directions ever! So simple to follow! And I understand what I was doing all the way through instead of someone just telling me what to do without explaining.”

“I’ve been working with Katie for a couple months and I absolutely love her perspective and her tenacity


We could be a great fit if you’re looking for a “senior Jill of all trades.”

I’m experienced in a broad range of technologies and best practices, and enthusiastically curious, yet comfortable transparently sharing my limits to help you use your budget effectively.

I look forward to hearing from you.