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Clearing A Jitterbit FillDataElements Error

31 Oct 2019 🔖 salesforce jitterbit integration tips
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Today is Halloween, so to scare me, Jitterbit threw a “FillDataElements” error when I tried to build a Salesforce Insert operation and it didn’t like something I’d tried to do with a date.


Luckily … I found a trick (rebuilding my Operation from scratch once I’d fixed the underlying problems) that brought me a treat (the error stopped appearing).

If Jitterbit gives you the following error:

FillDataElements() failed (bad data)

Which might possibly include some details along the lines of:

This occurs when constructing source data element “YOUR_SOURCE_COLUMN_NAME_HERE” for target node “root$transaction…

You might run across one of these posts from

  1. FillDataElements() failed (bad data)
  2. Date Period Year out of Range - Format issue?

Reading them, I decided perhaps Jitterbit wasn’t happy with some combination of:

  1. The fact that I’d declared the File Format for a column “TEST_DATE” of a CSV file source as a Date
  2. The fact that some of the rows were NULL in the TEST_DATE column
  3. Some typo I may have made when playing with scripting against the columns of the TEST_DATE column in my Transformation “condition” logic

I was sure I’d fixed everything that could possibly be wrong, but the message just wouldn’t stop appearing every time I hit “Test the transformation.”

I decided to try:

  1. Rebuilding my File Format (copying it and changing all columns to String)
  2. Starting over with a fresh Salesforce Insert Operation Wizard that referenced the new File Format

I’m not sure which of those two things fixed the problem, but was sweet as candy to see the error disappear.

May your Jitterbit errors be less frightening this Halloween and every other day!

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