Salesforce, Python, SQL, & other ways to put your data where you need it

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Learn Python

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Welcome, beginners!

The web is overflowing with Python tutorials for data science and general-purpose programming. Practical Business Python has the backs of managers and others who live and die by the PivotTable.

But what about people who don’t even want to go in as deep as PivotTables?

This site is for you.

Couldn’t care less about programming, but wish you had a small “macro”-like script for an annoying data cleanup task you do once a week?

This site is for you.

I intend to crash-course non-programmers (and non-Python-programmers) just enough to solve a few “my data looks all wrong!” problems faster, without needing to learn any more programming than is absolutely necessary for the job.

We’ll mostly focus on replacing Excel with Python and its “module” Pandas for cleaning and merging data in CSV files and spreadsheets.

For people who want to do more, like make their code interact directly with Salesforce, we’ll also cover:


Step 1: Install Python and Spyder on your computer


In the meantime, check out my blog posts about Python, presentations about Python for beginners, and links to other people’s Python resources.