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Ellucian Banner fan wiki, OMG

14 Oct 2020 🔖 databases tips
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Why didn’t it occur to me that Higher Ed folks would be this nerdy? There’s a “fan wiki” for Ellucian Banner hosted on a web site usually meant for listing characters in TV shows and such.

Describing itself as “intended to be an unofficial quick reference guide for Banner users … to facilitate quick Internet search results,” sure enough, that’s how I found it. Banner Event Publisher came up on a Salesforce discussion forum and I Googled it to see what it was.

My one complaint with the Wiki is that it’s too hard to wade through “discussion”-type pages looking for “info”-type pages.

So far, the Wiki claims it has only 15 pages. Let’s see how many of them I can find
(Thank you to the wiki and to Banner-school colleagues for clarification about what’s what.)

  1. Banner API, clarifying that often times in Banner-land, the phrase “API” just means an Oracle PL/SQL package executable once you’re already logged into the underlying database.
  2. Find Banner APIs (that is, PL/SQL stored procedures shipped with Banner) e.g. from gb_common, using yet another stored procedure
  3. Self-Service Banner (SSB)
  4. Internet Native Banner (INB), also known as “Banner 8 admin” (as opposed to “Banner 9 admin,” which I believe is now called “Banner Admin Pages?”)
  5. Banner Changes, pointing out GUIVERS, a Banner Admin form name displaying a list of currently installed Banner subcomponent versions
  6. Banner Event Publisher
  7. PIDM, back-end data used to identify records pertaining to people
  8. SPRIDEN, a back-end table name for details about people like their name
  9. SPBPERS, a back-end table name for details about people like whether they’re married
  10. SRARECR, a Banner Admin data entry form name for enrollment recruitment activities
  11. SPRADDR, a back-end table name for details about people’s postal addresses
  12. STVATYP, a Banner Admin data entry form name / a back-end table name for postal address type labels
  13. GOKEMAL, a PL/SQL package for making code written against Banner send e-mails
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