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Formula Fields work fine for Pardot Marketing Data Sharing Rules

18 Aug 2022 🔖 pardot salesforce tips
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You might have seen documentation that you can’t use a formula field to filter Salesforce and Pardot object synchronization with Marketing Data Sharing Rules because, by its nature, you can’t set your Pardot Integration User to be able to edit a formula field.

Nonsense – it works fine.

Just set your Pardot Integration User to be able to View the formula field.

Maybe you need Read & View All on the object or something too, I didn’t experiment too deeply.

That said, once you get your field permissions set up right for that User (permission sets are fine; no need to do it by profile), it could take some logging out of Salesforce & Pardot, hitting “Sync Metadata” in the little gear by the Pardot connector to Salesforce, waiting 5-10 minutes, and other general fiddling around before the field shows up under Field in the Marketing Data Sharing Rule’s “Use explicit criteria” configuration panel.

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