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Record 2 videos using the same microphone

06 Mar 2021 🔖 videography
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On Windows, there’s no rule saying multiple running programs can’t make use of the same “microphone” at the same time. They can! You can produce 2 separate outputs that share 1 input audio track.

Want to livestream over Zoom while capturing your high-fidelity sound for posterity?

You can simultaneously record into Audacity / Reaper / OBS and pipe the same microphone into Zoom. No problem!

Doing the same party trick with virtual mixing from multiple “microphone” inputs might involve some software somersaults & messy virtual “wiring,” but it’s the same idea.

If you have an ordinary consumer computer, it might even be powerful enough to simultaneously make multiple simultaneous uses of a single video input (such as a webcam). For example, maybe you perform over Zoom, but you also record a backup video with OBS.

That said, if you have a lower-end computer, why chance crashing it? Most streaming services (Zoom, Twitch, Facebook Live, YouTube, etc.) can take care of capturing a recording for you. Don’t overengineer your recording technique beyond your actual needs.

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