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Jitterbit: replace a non-breaking space

07 Oct 2022 🔖 salesforce jitterbit integration databases tips
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Some visitor typed a non-breaking space into their address when filling out a form. 123 Sun St, New York, NY 10001 is just 30 characters long, but as I tried to data-load an address into an Oracle VARCHAR2(30)-typed column (THE_ADDRESS) with Jitterbit, Oracle complained: ORA-12899: value too large for column ... (actual: 31, maximum: 30). Jitterbit logs showed the actual address submitted in my flat-file source column “address” as 123 Sun St, New York, NY 10001.

“Allow truncation of character fields to avoid field length errors” was already checked on the database target side of the Jitterbit transformation … so what was this all about?

I looked up “ ” and found out it’s the non-breaking space character. Somehow, Jitterbit was reading the non-breaking space character as only 1 character but the database was complaining, “No, that’s 2 characters.”

No worries! It’s just a non-breaking space in a single-line address … it can’t be that big of a deal … I’ll just replace it with an ordinary space.

Here’s my original transformation of data on its way into THE_ADDRESS – that is to say, there wasn’t anything special about it.


Problem is, “&#xA0;” is merely the way Jitterbit decided to represent the non-breaking space when e-mailing me. It wasn’t clear how to grab it when configuring my transformation of address into THE_ADDRESS so that I could replace it with an ordinary space.

In the end, I came up with this: convert the whole address into Hex.

Using Jitterbit’s Script Pad, I was able to validate that the output of this:

StringToHex("123 Sun St, New York, NY 10001");

Is this:


But the output of this, when I loaded the file that wasn’t working in as sample data for Jitterbit:


Was this:


Comparing the two in Notepad++, I was able to see that the difference was “20” for an ordinary space vs. “c382c2a0” for the non-breaking one. _(Hint: most of the time, 1 character in “plain” text will be 2 digits of “hexified” text. So I had a pretty good guess counting backwards from the end by 10 digits, chopping off “3130303031”)

Since StringToHex(...) technically just returns a string made up of numbers, but it’s still a string, I could do Replace() on it.

And then I could HexToString it back into 123 Sun St, New York, NY 10001, which Jitterbit and Oracle agree is only 30 characters.

So the final transformation of data on its way into Oracle’s THE_ADDRESS field is now:

// So there is this one really nuisance address with non-breaking spaces -- we'll just tidy it up here.

// Replace non-breaking spaces with ordinary spaces
spaceclean = HexToString(Replace(StringToHex(address), 'c382c2a0', '20'));

// Return cleaned data
--- ---