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Passwordless Auth0 and Netlify functions: backend

07 Dec 2020 🔖 jamstack web development minimum viable build tutorials 💬 EN

Obviously the way to send a holiday letter to a limited audience is to make a PDF of it and attach it to a BCC email. But what would be the fun in that?. With immeasurable thanks to the ever-patient Sandrino Di Mattia from Auth0, who held my hand teaching me all of this, I now have passwordless Auth0 and Netlify Functions working together on the backend.

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Add users to Netlify Identity with Postman

07 Dec 2020 🔖 jamstack tips web development 💬 EN

I’ve been playing w/ Netlify Identity and just discovered that Postman-friendly HTTPS API endpoints for managing Netlify Identity are wide open to the whole internet (which kind of makes sense, since they expose the sorts of actions you’d normally expose with signup forms). However, they’re not clearly documented.

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A starter for Netlify Functions with 11ty

07 Dec 2020 🔖 jamstack web development minimum viable build 💬 EN

I’m trying to set up a login-protected web site for my annual holiday letter to friends and family. Although I’m playing with Auth0 since Netlify Identity doesn’t yet support magic links, I’m pretty sure after reading “Manage Subscriptions and Protect Content With Stripe” that I’ll need to build a Netlify Function.

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Wanted: mirrorless camera & lens for livestreaming

24 Nov 2020 🔖 videography 💬 EN

I’m in the market for a camera/lens to upgrade picture quality while livestreaming / YouTubing. Any chance you have camera gear to sell me?

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Drupal vs. 11ty with kittens & puppies

05 Nov 2020 🔖 architecture databases jamstack tips web development 💬 EN

On StackOverflow, Drupal user Alec asked how dynamic “list” generation worked in 11ty compared to Drupal views.

I know nothing about Drupal, but I thought perhaps I could shed some light on the impact differing content data models may have on the two web site building systems: relational (SQL) vs. object.

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Movable page builder components in Sanity CMS

27 Oct 2020 🔖 architecture jamstack tips web development 💬 EN

Previously, I designed a data structure in the “front matter” of Markdown files that was ready to be “dragged around” a content management system – and hence a web page – by a content author, providing a Squarespace-like experience.

I’ve spent enough time dinking around in Sanity CMS that I’m ready to share how I built the same data model inside of it.

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Infrastructure as code homework #2

16 Oct 2020 🔖 linux devops 💬 EN

Live notes as I take a hands-on workshop about Azure and Terraform:

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Algolia attributes are flexible

15 Oct 2020 🔖 architecture jamstack web development 💬 EN

Ohhhhh, I GET IT. There’s nowhere in Algolia’s web UI, as you create an Algolia index, to define a schema for the data you plan to send it. Why not? Because it doesn’t care. 🤯

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Ellucian Banner fan wiki, OMG

14 Oct 2020 🔖 databases tips 💬 EN

Why didn’t it occur to me that Higher Ed folks would be this nerdy? There’s a “fan wiki” for Ellucian Banner hosted on a web site usually meant for listing characters in TV shows and such.

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Re-indenting with Notepad++ regex replace

08 Oct 2020 🔖 tips 💬 EN

The other day I came up with a ridiculously inefficient regex replace for Notepad++ to re-indent some code from 3 spaces per indent (my team’s standard for a certain codebase – no idea how they settled on 3) to 1 (for tight display on this blog).

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