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5 things you need to know about Jekyll vs. 11ty Liquid includes

29 Jan 2021 🔖 jamstack web development 💬 EN

Thinking about migrating from, say, GitHub Pages-flavored Jekyll to a newer SSG? Eleventy is probably your closest bet, because it allows you to stick to the Liquid templating language you know and love. But the heart of a well-componentized site generation model, includes, works a little differently between Jekyll and 11ty.

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APIs are for admins: texting your colleagues with Salesforce Flow (Cactusforce 2021)

15 Jan 2021 🔖 api salesforce flow integration architecture 💬 EN

Thanks for coming to Salesforce MVP Narender Singh’s and my 6-minute lightning demo “APIs are for admins: texting your colleagues with Salesforce Flow” at Cactusforce 2021

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The first JavaScript I ever wrote

08 Jan 2021 🔖 jamstack web development 💬 EN

I dismiss my JavaScript skills all the time because it’s not my primary practice, but I was awfully proud of the first program I ever wrote, in late 2011. Would you like to see it?

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Clean up old node_modules in Windows 10

05 Jan 2021 🔖 tips 💬 EN

Deleting old node_modules folders is the new defragging.

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How to use Jekyll SSG with Headless CMS

02 Jan 2021 🔖 architecture jamstack tips web development 💬 EN

Architecturally, getting API-based headless CMS to work with the Jekyll SSG is a bit nuanced.

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How to break (and rebuild) the Jamstack

26 Dec 2020 🔖 jamstack tips web development minimum viable build 💬 EN

How do I make the codebases behind my minimum viable build tutorials?

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Hello World on Netlify Functions, Cloudflare Workers, & Vercel Functions

09 Dec 2020 🔖 jamstack tips web development minimum viable build 💬 EN

Here’s my code for a quick “hello world” serverless function on Netlify Functions, Cloudflare Workers, and Vercel Functions. Here, a “serverless function” is a URL on the web that responds to HTTPs requests, doing some computation in the background before deciding exactly what the response should be, but for which I don’t have to write a lot of code about how the underlying web server works.

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Passwordless Auth0 and Netlify functions: backend

07 Dec 2020 🔖 jamstack web development minimum viable build tutorials 💬 EN

Obviously the way to send a holiday letter to a limited audience is to make a PDF of it and attach it to a BCC email. But what would be the fun in that?. With immeasurable thanks to the ever-patient Sandrino Di Mattia from Auth0, who held my hand teaching me all of this, I now have passwordless Auth0 and Netlify Functions working together on the backend.

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Add users to Netlify Identity with Postman

07 Dec 2020 🔖 jamstack tips web development 💬 EN

I’ve been playing w/ Netlify Identity and just discovered that Postman-friendly HTTPS API endpoints for managing Netlify Identity are wide open to the whole internet (which kind of makes sense, since they expose the sorts of actions you’d normally expose with signup forms). However, they’re not clearly documented.

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A starter for Netlify Functions with 11ty

07 Dec 2020 🔖 jamstack web development minimum viable build 💬 EN

I’m trying to set up a login-protected web site for my annual holiday letter to friends and family. Although I’m playing with Auth0 since Netlify Identity doesn’t yet support magic links, I’m pretty sure after reading “Manage Subscriptions and Protect Content With Stripe” that I’ll need to build a Netlify Function.

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