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I must speak and teach until I hear 10 people say, "That thing you taught me? I used it! And it saved me time!"

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So check out the tutorials. Play with code. Tell me about your triumphs.

Algolia attributes are flexible

15 Oct 2020 🔖 architecture jamstack web development 💬 EN

Ohhhhh, I GET IT. There’s nowhere in Algolia’s web UI, as you create an Algolia index, to define a schema for the data you plan to send it. Why not? Because it doesn’t care. 🤯

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Ellucian Banner fan wiki, OMG

14 Oct 2020 🔖 databases tips 💬 EN

Why didn’t it occur to me that Higher Ed folks would be this nerdy? There’s a “fan wiki” for Ellucian Banner hosted on a web site usually meant for listing characters in TV shows and such.

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Re-indenting with Notepad++ regex replace

08 Oct 2020 🔖 tips 💬 EN

The other day I came up with a ridiculously inefficient regex replace for Notepad++ to re-indent some code from 3 spaces per indent (my team’s standard for a certain codebase – no idea how they settled on 3) to 1 (for tight display on this blog).

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Anonymous PL/SQL to write a CSV from SQL

05 Oct 2020 🔖 csv sql databases 💬 EN

As mentioned earlier today, I transformed Tim Hall’s Oracle PL/SQL “CSV” package into a block of anonymous PL/SQL, for times when it’s just not practical to create a “csv” package in your database. Below is my adaptation, with sample executions of it at bottom in the BEGINEND block.

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ORA-29283 hello world

05 Oct 2020 🔖 sql databases 💬 EN ( FR )

Recently I hit an “ORA-29283” or “invalid file operation” error when editing a long Oracle PL/SQL script. A shorter “hello world” PL/SQL script helped me narrow in on my problem.

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ORA-29283 salut le monde

05 Oct 2020 🔖 sql bases de données 💬 FR ( EN )

J’ai reçu récemment un message d’erreur « ORA-29283 » (« opération non valide sur le fichier ») lorsque j’ai fait éxécuter un logiciel Oracle PL/SQL assez long. J’ai trouvé très utile un petit script genre « salut le monde ».

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Setting up Windows Store Python with Pandas in VSCode

01 Oct 2020 🔖 python tutorials vscode windows salesforce beginner 💬 EN

My beloved Spyder IDE suddenly stopped working on me, and I needed to install Python + Pandas on a new computer anyway, so I decided to explore installing Python (and various packages I use with it such as Pandas) out of the Windows Store, executing code in VSCode as an IDE.

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Infrastructure as code homework #1

21 Sep 2020 🔖 linux devops 💬 EN

I’d like to get involved in a project at work that involves taking a tool comprised of a lot of databases and web servers (running Java in Apache Tomcat) and putting them into “the cloud” using best-practice architectures for installation, upgrade, maintenance, patching, backup, & recovery considerations.

After reading this helpful background about Tomcat by Secure Any Cloud, I think I’ve just come up with my first “hello world” homework assignment.

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Configuring public-private key pairs so 2 Linux machines can talk

16 Sep 2020 🔖 linux tutorials integration 💬 EN

Recently, I needed a sysadmin colleague to set up an ETL tool to make Linux Server #1 (on which the ETL tool runs) send a file to, and execute commands on, Linux Server #2. I had the privilege of watching and taking notes.

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Study plan for GraphQL in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

15 Sep 2020 🔖 marketing cloud salesforce databases graphql api integration tips 💬 EN

I’ve been collaborating again with Salesforce Marketing Cloud expert Kyle Griffin, this time thinking through what it would require to build SFMC data extensions from queries against an Oracle database.

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