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I must speak and teach until I hear 10 people say, "That thing you taught me? I used it! And it saved me time!"

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So check out the tutorials. Play with code. Tell me about your triumphs.

Block all Pardot syncing with Marketing Data Sharing Rules

18 Aug 2022 🔖 pardot salesforce tips 💬 EN

So you’ve just bought Pardot – exciting! You’ve walked through connecting one of its Business Units to sync with a Salesforce org but there’s no data in Pardot just yet.

Should you flip the switch?

Maybe not until you try using Marketing Data Sharing Rules to block all syncing!

Wait, why flip things off when you’re trying to flip things on?

Think of this like individually turning off every circuit in your electrical circuit-breaker before letting the electric company turn power on to the whole house.

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Can eProcurement reach Banner?

13 Aug 2022 🔖 databases integration minimum viable build 💬 EN

Accountants never work directly with servers running Ellucian’s Integration for eProcurement (IFEP) “middleware” software (syncing Ellucian Banner with Jaggaer a.k.a. SciQuest), but engineers do.

Here are tricks engineers can try to ensure that communications are running smoothly from the eProcurement middleware to the Banner ERP database.

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Jaggaer - Banner Sync Series

12 Aug 2022 🔖 databases integration 💬 EN

Recently, I’ve had the opportunity to engage in reliability engineering, partnering with talented accountants and engineers in a higher education setting that uses:

  1. Ellucian Banner as its system-of-truth ERP.
  2. Jaggaer (formerly called SciQuest) as its system-of-convenience purchasing tool.
  3. Ellucian Integration for eProcurement (IFEP) alongside Ellucian eInvoice Adapter to sync the two.
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Transforming CommonApp into Salesforce EASY question responses

11 Aug 2022 🔖 salesforce integration databases 💬 EN

I just posted how to use Oracle’s UNPIVOT to turn a “wide” table into a “skinny” one with just “field name” & “field value” columns … but why? Let’s take a look at an example from higher education with the Common App and Salesforce EASY / EDA.

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UNPIVOT to key-value pair in Oracle SQL

11 Aug 2022 🔖 databases sql 💬 EN

I always forget how to use UNPIVOT, and so many documents are focused on numbers data, not generic key-value data. Here’s the thing I actually often need to do.

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Cover letter workshop - WITness Success / Minnebar

23 Jul 2022 🔖 professional development salesforce 💬 EN

Below are notes from the cover letter workshop at the July 2022 WITness Success Salesforce community conference and the June 2022 Minnebar un-conference.

Love to protect voting rights in rural America?

Donate to fellow WITness Success speaker Cece Adams today!! Can the Salesforce Ohana help her reach her goal? I think so!!

Cece is running for a small, “down-ballot” local office in northern Illinois that has a big impact on access to the ballot box. She’s also prioritizing fully funding her local schools, building out workforce development programs, providing wage supports for essential workers caring for our elders, fixing roads, and encouraging public health.

Every $10 or so is another lawn sign she can get into a supporter’s yard!

(She didn’t ask me to do this, I just met her at the conference and think she’s really awesome.)

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Welcome to Minneapolis, Salesforce!

12 Jul 2022 🔖 salesforce 💬 EN

Welcome to Minnesota, WITness Success and Midwest Dreamin’ Salesforce community conference attendees! Wondering what to eat, drink, and do for fun while you’re here? I’ll show you a few of my favorite spots.

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Skyvia test - Salesforce to database

28 Jun 2022 🔖 databases salesforce integration devops architecture minimum viable build 💬 EN

Whether I can trust it with corporate data is another question, but my first question about Skyvia, which promises to intelligently back up Salesforce orgs into enterprise relational database management systems, works as well as it says it should.

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Enterprise application diary

22 Jun 2022 🔖 architecture 💬 EN

The past few years of working with enterprise (in-house) applications has been a delightful synthesis of content from almost every course I took about software engineering (infosec, networking, software development lifecycles & architecture, design patterns, quality assurance & testing, project management, database design, database administration, web site development) and every meetup/conference I ever attended, and I wish I could find something like Andrew Tanenbaum’s Structured Computer Organization to TL;DR it all for the world.

I know, it’s called “DevOps,” right? :P

Anyway, I’m feeling really “galaxy-brain” across all of the silos of computer expertise that we carve day jobs into, and I’m craving a way to TL;DR decades of learning into a shareable nugget of knowledge.

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Pulumi & AWS minimum viable build

20 May 2022 🔖 devops minimum viable build 💬 EN

Thanks to their website & my old notes on provisioning AWS resources with Terraform, I figured out a minimum viable build with Pulumi for creating a resource inside an AWS playground from A Cloud Guru.

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