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So check out the tutorials. Play with code. Tell me about your triumphs.

Gatsby Minimum Viable Sanity Template

08 Jul 2020 🔖 architecture tips web development graphql jamstack minimum viable build 💬 EN

Recap of my latest project as I head into step 2 of 3:

I’m changing my simple Gatsby / React site to use the standalone Sanity Studio CMS instead of in-project Markdown-formatted text files as the source of the “Hello World” text behind generating an index.html with a body of <div>Hello World</div>.

Properly configured, Sanity looks beautiful for non-technical content editors, and paired with Gatsby Cloud’s “preview” sites, content authors can literally watch a preview of their site change as they type – all while getting the performance and security benefits of a static production web site.

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Sanity CMS Minimum Viable Build

07 Jul 2020 🔖 architecture jamstack tips web development minimum viable build 💬 EN

As step 1 (of 3) of my next project, I’ll set up Sanity CMS instead of markdown as a data source for the “Hello World” in my Gatsby-generated index.html.

Believe it or not, this will allow me to build a static web site with a “preview” version that content authors can watch change as they type into the Sanity Studio content management system.

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Why WYSIWYG static site CMS's love Gatsby

24 Jun 2020 🔖 architecture jamstack web development 💬 EN

Please correct me if I’m wrong.

This is my current understanding of why most Jamstack CMSes with drag-and-drop WYSIWYG previewing seem to heavily favor using Gatsby as a static site generator.

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How I brought my Google Page Speed from 80 to 91 in 5 minutes

23 Jun 2020 🔖 tips web development 💬 EN

I finally took the world’s advice and split my blog’s JavaScript into “load first” and “load last” sections. Brought my Google PageSpeed Insights score on mobile up from 80 to 91.

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Gatsby React WYSIWYG CMS-Friendly Markdown

22 Jun 2020 🔖 architecture jamstack tips web development 💬 EN

Come see how I built a drag-and-drop WYSIWYG CMS-ready web page with Gatsby and React.

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Gatsby React Minimum Viable Markdown Template / Component

18 Jun 2020 🔖 architecture tips web development graphql jamstack minimum viable build 💬 EN

I discovered that a directory only needs two small files in it for the Gatsby static website generator to turn it into a functioning index.html with a body of <div>Hello world!</div>.

My next project is to build it up from an Markdown file containing the message of “Hello world!” and have Gatsby inject it into index.html.

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Audient iD14 sound check for iOS and Windows

10 Jun 2020 🔖 music 💬 EN

New Audient iD14? Lucky you! Here’s a plan to sound-check it on an iPad and a Windows PC.

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Gatsby Minimum Viable Build

09 Jun 2020 🔖 architecture tips git jamstack web development minimum viable build 💬 EN

Back in February I played with “minimum viable contents” that would make Netlify successfully build a web site + a Netlify CMS instance, auto-detecting that it should use the Jekyll static site builder.

I’m less familiar with the Gatsby static site builder, so today I’m doing a similar exercise, but just worrying about getting Netlify to detect that I’m using Gatsby and to display a Hello World.

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Gatsby for novices and dabblers

09 Jun 2020 🔖 architecture jamstack tips web development 💬 EN

Despite thorough documentation and great starter packs, the barrier to entry with the Gatsby SSG still feels a bit high for novice web developers who’d merely like to explore if it’s right for them.

I aim to lower the bar by bringing you along as I learn it myself.

I also hope to abstract core Gatsby concepts away from the command-line tools often used to implement them so you can keep your computer clean while you dip a toe into Gatsby’s waters.

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Virtual Conference Live Music

03 Jun 2020 🔖 conferences music 💬 EN

I’ve been supporting a professional musician’s conversion to livestreaming, and he’d be a killer addition to your virtual conference, online vendor booth, Zoom wedding, baby shower, etc.

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