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My goal is to help you work faster.

I must speak and teach until I hear 10 people say, "That thing you taught me? I used it! And it saved me time!"

(Ahem ... although maybe blogging slower than I'd hoped. Ugh, coders' repetitive stress injury.)

So check out the tutorials. Play with code. Tell me about your triumphs.

Gatsby Minimum Viable Build

09 Jun 2020 🔖 architecture tips git jamstack web development minimum viable build 💬 EN

Back in February I played with “minimum viable contents” that would make Netlify successfully build a web site + a Netlify CMS instance, auto-detecting that it should use the Jekyll static site builder.

I’m less familiar with the Gatsby static site builder, so today I’m doing a similar exercise, but just worrying about getting Netlify to detect that I’m using Gatsby and to display a Hello World.

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Gatsby for novices and dabblers

09 Jun 2020 🔖 architecture jamstack tips web development 💬 EN

Despite thorough documentation and great starter packs, the barrier to entry with the Gatsby SSG still feels a bit high for novice web developers who’d merely like to explore if it’s right for them.

I aim to lower the bar by bringing you along as I learn it myself.

I also hope to abstract core Gatsby concepts away from the command-line tools often used to implement them so you can keep your computer clean while you dip a toe into Gatsby’s waters.

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Virtual Conference Live Music

03 Jun 2020 🔖 conferences music 💬 EN

I’ve been supporting a professional musician’s conversion to livestreaming, and he’d be a killer addition to your virtual conference, online vendor booth, Zoom wedding, baby shower, etc.

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Boolean 'OR' in DemandTools MassImpact formulas

07 May 2020 🔖 tutorials salesforce demandtools 💬 EN ( FR )

Over on Salesforce Reddit, someone asked how to get “OR”-ing conditions together to work in a formula in the MassImpact module of Validity’s DemandTools ETL software.

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Le 'ou' booléen aux formules MassImpact de DemandTools

07 May 2020 🔖 tutoriels salesforce demandtools 💬 FR ( EN )

Sur le Reddit de Salesforce, on a demandé comment combiner des conditions avec une logique de « ou » dans une formule du logiciel DemandTools.

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Recompile dependent PL/SQL code after changes

27 Apr 2020 🔖 sql databases tips 💬 EN

Reminder: If you edit and recompile PL/SQL stored an Oracle database, you need to keep “dependencies” with other code in mind. You may need to ensure that other stored code relying upon your code is also recompiled.

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Writing & graphics for scheduled Facebook Live videos

21 Apr 2020 🔖 music videography 💬 EN

Want to take advantage of Facebook Live’s “scheduled” streams? Before you even log into Facebook or touch your tablet, pull out a pen and paper – you’ve got some creative marketing work to do.

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Livestreaming Music Diary - Facebook Live

20 Apr 2020 🔖 music videography 💬 EN

If you work in tech, you fix the printers for your family. During shelter-in-place, I’ve had a new duty for close friends and family: improving and running musical livestreams.

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Jitterbit Hosted API Tutorial: 302 Redirect with Cloud Studio

02 Apr 2020 🔖 jitterbit api integration tutorials 💬 EN

First, let’s build a Jitterbit API endpoint that performs a “302” HTTP redirect to using “Cloud Studio” to flesh out the back-end behavior.

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Jitterbit Hosted APIs: Hello World tutorials

02 Apr 2020 🔖 jitterbit api integration tutorials 💬 EN

Jitterbit’s ETL (“Extract, Transform, Load”) platform allows you to “borrow” their web servers and use them to put URLs on the internet as small “API” endpoints where the back end of those “endpoints” is some sort of data-processing Jitterbit operation you’ve built.

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