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My goal is to help you work faster.

I must speak and teach until I hear 10 people say, "That thing you taught me? I used it! And it saved me time!"

(Ahem ... although maybe blogging slower than I'd hoped. Ugh, coders' repetitive stress injury.)

So check out the tutorials. Play with code. Tell me about your triumphs.

Python pour Salesforce: Énumérer les valeurs uniques à travers plusieurs champs Salesforce

31 Jan 2019 🔖 python pandas csv excel tutoriels salesforce 💬 FR ( EN )

Le SOQL SELECT...COUNT...GROUP BY de Salesforce marche très bien pour énumérer les valeurs uniques d’un seul champs. Mais si on a 50 champs presque identiques, et si on veut trouver les valeurs uniques à travers l’ensemble de tous les champs ? Python à l’aide – lisez pour découvrir comment !

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9 fév: Démonstration de Python pour admins Salesforce (FR)

24 Jan 2019 🔖 python pandas csv excel feuilles de calcul tutoriels salesforce samedi salesforce 💬 FR ( EN )

Pendant cette démonstration interactive (mini-atelier) #SalesforceSaturday, on verra la simplicité et la puissance que la langue de programmation Python vous offre pour modifier vos feuilles de calcul (telles que les fichiers CSV que l’on exporte de / importe avec #Data Loader) quand Excel vous présente des obstacles (lenteur, répétitivité, jointures VLOOKUP, etc.).

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Feb. 9: FRENCH-language demo of Python for Saleforce admins!

24 Jan 2019 🔖 python pandas csv excel spreadsheet tutorials salesforce salesforce saturday 💬 EN ( FR )

In this Salesforce Saturday “hands-on demo,” I’ll show you simple, powerful Python code for modifying spreadsheets like you would export from / import into Salesforce.

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Proper-Casing CSV/XLSX Data With Python

10 Jan 2019 🔖 python pandas csv excel spreadsheet tutorials salesforce 💬 EN

Helen Anderson’s article “Excel Series: Formulas and Functions” went around Twitter today, and her first steps were so beautifully simple I thought, “Hey, let’s see what they look like in Python for a little compare-and-contrast.”

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Filter a large CSV file with Python

08 Jan 2019 🔖 python pandas csv excel spreadsheet tutorials salesforce 💬 EN ( FR )

The problem with large files in Excel isn’t generally the size, per se. It’s that Excel tries to show you all its work. To modify huge CSV or XLSX files, such as exports from your Salesforce “Task” and “Contact” tables, consider writing code with a language like Python.

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