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So check out the tutorials. Play with code. Tell me about your triumphs.

Skyvia test - Salesforce to database

28 Jun 2022 🔖 databases salesforce integration devops architecture minimum viable build 💬 EN

Whether I can trust it with corporate data is another question, but my first question about Skyvia, which promises to intelligently back up Salesforce orgs into enterprise relational database management systems, works as well as it says it should.

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Enterprise application diary

22 Jun 2022 🔖 architecture 💬 EN

The past few years of working with enterprise (in-house) applications has been a delightful synthesis of content from almost every course I took about software engineering (infosec, networking, software development lifecycles & architecture, design patterns, quality assurance & testing, project management, database design, database administration, web site development) and every meetup/conference I ever attended, and I wish I could find something like Andrew Tanenbaum’s Structured Computer Organization to TL;DR it all for the world.

I know, it’s called “DevOps,” right? :P

Anyway, I’m feeling really “galaxy-brain” across all of the silos of computer expertise that we carve day jobs into, and I’m craving a way to TL;DR decades of learning into a shareable nugget of knowledge.

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Pulumi & AWS minimum viable build

20 May 2022 🔖 devops minimum viable build 💬 EN

Thanks to their website & my old notes on provisioning AWS resources with Terraform, I figured out a minimum viable build with Pulumi for creating a resource inside an AWS playground from A Cloud Guru.

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SSH or SFTP into a Linux server from a Windows machine with key-based authentication

17 May 2022 🔖 windows linux intermediate tutorials security integration devops 💬 EN

SSH and SFTP are protocols typically used for “remoting into” a server running the Linux operating system, much like you might use the “Remote Desktop” protocol to remotely operate a Windows machine.

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Find a library job with Python

20 Apr 2022 🔖 python 💬 EN

I’ve got a friend who needs a new library job. To help, I wrote a Python script to scrape New York University’s jobs site, New York Medical College’s jobs site, and Yonkers Public Schools’s job site, looking for the phrase librar (which hopefully covers “library”, “libraries”, and “librarian”).

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Check a URL with Selenium IDE

06 Apr 2022 🔖 selenium intermediate tutorials web development 💬 EN

It took me a while to figure out how to get Selenium IDE to click a link, wait for the new tab’s page-load to settle down, and validate the URL of the new page, but I did it.

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Loop through all you want

05 Mar 2022 🔖 salesforce tips 💬 EN

In Salesforce Apex, you can loop over as many times as you’d like.

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Cover Letter Examples

24 Feb 2022 🔖 professional development 💬 EN

I’ll keep a running set of cover letter examples in this post.

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Cover Letter Flowchart

23 Feb 2022 🔖 professional development tips 💬 EN

Heaven help me, I hope I don’t regret publishing this next time I apply for a job – I’m practically handing over the secret decoder ring to my inner thoughts. 😅

One of my hobbies is giving people cover letter makeovers. Having been blessed with the opportunity to screen resumes many times in my career, I’ve had a chance to pick up tricks from the best of the best, and I think I’m pretty decent at helping people make themselves look good in a way that’s completely honest and upstanding.

The answers to two questions guide the tone and structure in any cover letter I help write:

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SFTP and SSH authentication patterns

28 Jan 2022 🔖 architecture integration 💬 EN

When you automate business processes into “Extract, Transform, Load” (ETL) jobs, there’s a good chance that you’ll need to use one of these two major internet-based communications protocols:

  1. SFTP (for making your server upload or download files to/from a 3rd party’s server)
  2. SSH (for making your server execute commands on a 3rd party’s server)

There are two common ways of proving your identity in these kinds of inter-server communications.

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