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My goal is to help you work faster.

I must speak and teach until I hear 10 people say, "That thing you taught me? I used it! And it saved me time!"

(Ahem ... although maybe blogging slower than I'd hoped. Ugh, coders' repetitive stress injury.)

So check out the tutorials. Play with code. Tell me about your triumphs.

Clearing A Jitterbit FillDataElements Error

31 Oct 2019 🔖 salesforce jitterbit integration tips 💬 EN ( FR )

Today is Halloween, so to scare me, Jitterbit threw a “FillDataElements” error when I tried to build a Salesforce Insert operation and it didn’t like something I’d tried to do with a date.


Luckily … I found a trick (rebuilding my Operation from scratch once I’d fixed the underlying problems) that brought me a treat (the error stopped appearing).

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S'occuper d'une erreur FillDataElements en Jitterbit

31 Oct 2019 🔖 salesforce jitterbit integration 💬 FR ( EN )

Aujourd’hui, c’est l’Halloween. Et Jitterbit m’a bien effrayé en lançant une erreur FillDataElements lorsque j’élaborais une opération d’insertion Salesforce.

Hou là là ! 👻

Heureusement, j’ai découvert une bêtise (réélaborer l’opération de zéro) qui m’a plu autant que des friandises.

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Better Salesforce Insert/Update Operations with Jitterbit Caching

28 Oct 2019 🔖 salesforce jitterbit integration tutorials tips 💬 EN

Combined with “external ID” fields, Salesforce’s “upsert” data-loading option is a godsend for dumping data from legacy systems into Salesforce.

But what do you do if you only want to insert new records or only want to update existing records, using the external ID as an inter-system matching key, considering Salesforce’s “insert” and “update” operations don’t support matching on external IDs?

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Disabling Lightning Experience w/ Python and Selenium in Salesforce

12 Sep 2019 🔖 salesforce tutorials python selenium 💬 EN

You saw me be too lazy to click buttons in No-Permissions Salesforce Profile w/ Python and Selenium: watch me do it again turning Lightning Experience off in all my Custom Profiles.

(And watch me get shunned from the Salesforce community for making it easier to neuter the Winter ‘20 release feature that flips Lightning Experience on?)

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Recalculating Salesforce Formula Fields in Apex

10 Sep 2019 🔖 salesforce apex tips tutorials 💬 EN ( FR )

Salesforce Winter ‘20 has a new Formula class in Apex – check out what it can do.

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